The SimplyLinked widget allows you to set up linky lists on your blog or web site

SimplyLinked widgets are the easiest way to setup and manage your list of participants. Choose your widget, copy and paste some code, and you're done. We'll do the rest.

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SimplyLinked Feature Highlights

Linky List Dashboard

Our admin panel allows you to view and manage all your lists at a glance. See how many links have been submitted to your most recent lists or sort by list popularity to see which struck a chord with your visitors.

No extra windows or need for visitors to leave your site to add their links. With our widgets, the lists are integrated right into your page.

List Importing and Migration

Using Mr. Linky or LinkyTools (MckLinky) and want to migrate to SimplyLinked? We make it easy with our import tool. Just export your old links and we'll add them to your new list so you don't need to retype anything!

Widget Performance

Build from the ground up with performance in mind. You'll get features and flexibility, without extra cruft.